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Unlock Your Inner Healing Power with YogaShaking

YogaShaking is an ancient practice that combines physical movement, meditation, and intentional shaking to release tension, promote healing, and connect with your inner self.

This active meditation technique helps reduce stress, anxiety, and physical pain, while improving overall well-being and mental clarity.

By activating your life force energy, YogaShaking clears blockages, balances your chakras, and brings about a state of inner happiness. Discover the transformative power of YogaShaking and experience a healthier, happier life.

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What is YogaShaking

YogaShaking involve physical movement in a relax grounding position. YogaShaking is an active meditation with intentionally shaking the body, often starting from the feet and working up to the head. The aim is to release tension and stored emotions, to increase circulation, as well as activate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Practitioners move their bodies in a way that allows for natural vibrations to occur, which can help to release physical and emotional blockages.

This experience can create internal heat causing sweating, emotional release, spontaneous movement and many times spontaneous laughing.

Experience Physical and Spiritual Transformation

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Benefits with YogaShaking 

Reducing stress
Physical pain
Improve overall well-being
Accessing an increased amount of energy in the daily life

Activating and balancing your energy centres (chakras)
Remove blockages,
To promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing
Improve mental clarity
Increase vitality

Promoting relaxation
Finding a natural “flow” in our everyday life
Our purpose become clear
Accessing creativity
Finding a state of inner happiness

YogaShaking – For healthy happy life

What is inclued in our course?

In our YogaShaking course, you’ll receive expert guidance from our experienced instructors who will lead you through the practice step-by-step.

Our comprehensive video materials provide a convenient way to follow along and deepen your understanding of the movements. With detailed instructions, you’ll learn how to release tension and emotional blockages, allowing for profound healing and increased vitality.

Motivation is key to maintaining a consistent practice, which is why our course includes motivational support. You’ll find valuable insights and stories of transformation shared by fellow practitioners, inspiring you to stay committed and dedicated to your practice. Our goal is to empower you on your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Get content worth 299$, now only: 49$

YogaShaking for unlocking your full potential

We are created by energy and once we make the connection to this energy source, we can transform our lives and heal ourselves. With the practice of YogaShaking we can easily connect to the energy in such a profound and powerful way that the spark that created us reignites and our kundalini energy awakens. 

This sacred inner fire can clear all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks and obstacles. Our vibration increases and over time we feel lighter and stronger, until we become one with our true self, which is happy, healthy, loving and naturally peaceful human being.

YogaShaking for healing and spiritual connection

YogaShaking is one of the world’s most ancient healing traditions. Many indigenous cultures have used shaking for healing and spiritual connection. We too can gain tremendous benefit from this ancient healing practice to transform our lives.

YogaShaking heals us on a very deep cellular level removing our blocks and clearing a pathway to our original state of being that is our connection to our soul.

When we are connected to our soul all our questions are answered directly and our purpose becomes clear.

Experience Physical and Spiritual Transformation

Get content worth 299$, now only: 49$

YogaShaking to activate your life force energy

YogaShaking for healthy happy life

People from all over the world practice YogaShaking with a desire to heal and liberate themselves and discover happiness from within. Everyone who practices YogaShaking on a continuous basis will experience positive changes in their everyday existence. Sickness turns to health, problems find solutions and life becomes more beautiful. We can also say that “the impossible becomes possible” with Yoga Shaking practice as you lift your frequency naturally.

Experience Physical and Spiritual Transformation

Get content worth 299$, now only: 49$

It is important to note that these practices should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice, and it’s always a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional before starting any new form of meditation or exercise, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

”As everything is energy, we can match our frequency with the reality we want and simply attract it”